1. You Kept Insisting

You kept insisting
I was a dog
absent paws and fur
I went along
One day I awoke
you said, “say moo!”
But all I expressed
Was white man blues
So, bark, baby baby
Moo, darlin’ watchout
Meow, mama, mama
Now I’m a snake of love …more

2. I’m Your Man

Woke up this morning
Had words with the man
Gave thanks for the sweet love
You and I have
I told him, in our love
I get crazy with pain
When I think about losing you
Drives me insane…more

3. I Love You Ridiculous

I love you ridiculous.
I love you in truth.
I love you on
Valentine’s Day.
When I’m sleepy or blue.
When I’m happy or anxious,
irreverent or smart.
I love you ridiculous.
You open my heart
It’s clear to me now
I have seen the light.
Your loving me means.
I did something right…more

4. A Naked Man With A Dustbuster

Oh Angeline, am I dreaming?
Or is this what my mental state fashioned?
Kiss me just once
Love the whack job that’s me
While I tell you this morning what happened.
A naked man with a dust buster
and an attitude to boot
dropped dead on my porch
just before dawn
as I was dreaming ’bout you…more

5. Hot Volcanic Mama

You blows my skirt up
And I’m a dude who feels heat whenever you’re near
Your jungle love explosions
I never fear
Of wanting, needing, having, holding love
Love is you,
My hot volcanic mama
You make me quake
Cause you hot yes yes
Make me rattle, make me roll
Take the pieces, make me whole
We’ll burn, churn, kick and turn
And dance the night away…more

6. Austin Pell and The Drama Queen

She lived for the attention
in the foot light’s glare
she was chaos and pretension
and her fan base grew each year
but other actors, one by one
began to leave her scene
the tide was turning
on the Drama Queen…more

7. Only Love Can

You give me reason to face each day
to keep on living
in that way
that only love can bring
that only love can bring
And so my darling, I play these chords
sing my gratitude
for being born
to feel this way
that only love can bring…more

8. Staggering Toward Grace

Hands tied, feet bound
Staggering toward grace
Fight, flight, doing right
No chance, it was too late.
Sleep starved, under armed
Face down on her door
Clear eyed, sanctified
She saw inside my core…more

9. A Simple Song

It’s a simple song to sing
Doesn’t take remembering
Stop thinking; that’s the start
Then drop into your heart and
Love, just
It’s easier than war
Costs less, that’s for sure
It makes things that are healthier for men. You’re
asking how can I
Love what I despise? Stop
judging first, the doors will open then. You’ll
be the child you were in love again…more

10. It’s Taken Some Time

The lies I told you came from days of pain
compounded shame conceived in blame
and it kept us apart.
It’s tragic how I wasted all those moments dear
The times I could have let you know how clear
was the love
in my heart.
I know it’s taken some time
to say I see you…more

How Hearts and Pirates Came to Be:

In February 2012, I came close to amputating two fingers on my left hand. I had played guitar since the age of 12 and enjoyed picking it up now and then, usually when I was alone. After my encounter with the table saw, it was clear that being able to express myself on string instruments was on hold – for awhile at least. And just as I was starting to feel sadness, a voice within suggested I look at this event as an opportunity. “Oh yeah,” I remembered, “those singing lessons I’ve been daring myself to take for so long…”
Tamara Silvera is an amazing and talented voice coach, composer and singer. Working with her, I discovered a new world of emotional expression and release.
It took about 8 months for my fingers to heal enough to press against guitar strings. By then, I’d begun the Master’s Degree program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica. The ciriculum opened my heart and a called me forward to embrace life in new and boldly creative ways.
Also, I’d fallen in love.
I was thoroughly prepped, and in the Fall of 2012, songs started coming through me, onto the page and out of my throat. Songs about being in love; songs about change, pain, ego; songs that celebrated silliness and made me laugh.
Hearts and Pirates is 10 of those songs, recorded and produced with the collaboration of amazing professionals. The title is a recognition of that mysterious, beautiful organ that connects us to the universe in the most profound ways and a photograph of myself at the age of two that was my inspiration during the project.
The songs keep coming. I’ve registered over 20 with BMI, and there are another 20 in various states of completion. The process of creating a song is deeply fulfilling. I’m so grateful to have discovered this medium. – Paul