Successful,…but something’s missing?

I work with successful, creative people who want to enhance the quality of their life and work.

People who want:

  • less stress, greater clarity, and genuine peace.
  • the joy that comes from more creativity in their life.
  • the serenity that comes from self-confidence, knowing when to take action, and when to let go.

People who want:

  • to end  patterns of conflict with others or situations.
  • to experience life and work from a place of centered calm vs. emotional re-activity.

People who want:

  • to experience life and leadership with courage in the face of not knowing “how it’s going to turn out.”
  • to bring work and life back into a healthy balance, but don’t know where to begin.


Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re successful, but something is missing.
  • You’ve lost the passion you once had for your work. You’re “phoning it in” until the weekend.
  • The people working for you are unhappy, disinterested, and unsupportive.
  • It’s time for a change. Or things are changing. You’re stuck in fear.
  • Creatively or professionally – you’re dissatisfied. How to move forward is unclear.
  • You’ve lost interest: in work, in a relationship, in… (fill in the blank).
  • Professionally, you know you have more to give than what’s being asked of you.
  • What’s my purpose in this life? is a thought that won’t let go.
  • You’re repeating patterns that create suffering – in yourself and others. It’s time to do something different.
  • You feel pessimistic or hopeless about experiencing love and intimacy again.

These are challenging. I know, I’ve been there.

What I learned was:

  • Creating a fulfilling life is an “inside job.”
  • The most powerful form of leadership, at home or in your profession, is to walk your talk, in other words:  BE what you want those around you to be.
  • Every “crisis” is an opportunity to make different choices, to re-create your life for the better.
  • There are tools available to end emotional suffering and get you moving forward again – one step at a time (the good news: one of the tools is Having Fun).
  • The support of an experienced coach is pivotal in turning immovable challenge into meaningful change.


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Paul Babin, M.F.A, M.A., is a Cinematographer and Life and Leadership Coach. He  works with creative people who want to enhance the quality of their life and work.

For over 30 years, Paul has been one of the most successful and respected cinematographers in Hollywood. He has had the pleasure of collaborating with many of the industry’s greatest directors, among them Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola, Peter Weir and James Cameron on films such as Always, The Rainmaker, Fearless and Terminator 2. Known for both his camera skill and ability to connect with cast and crew, in 2012, he received the highest possible honor for his work, the Lifetime Achievement Award from The Society of Camera Operators.

Paul holds an BA and MFA in Cinema from the University of Southern California as well as a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology and Certification as a Soul-Centered Professional Coach from the University of Santa Monica. Currently, he shares his time between Cinematography, Coaching and Teaching, serving as adjunct professor at the University of Southern California, School of Cinema.

Cinematographer Credits
Iron Man 3
Jayne Mansfield’s Car
X-Men: First Class
The Soloist
Iron Man
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Memoirs of a Geisha
Zathura: A Space Adventure
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
National Treasure
Van Helsing
Anger Management
The Astronaut’s Wife
Runaway Bride
My Giant
The Rainmaker
Dear God
The River Wild
True Lies
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
The Abyss
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
The Tracker
The Man Who Broke 1,000 Chains
Maria’s Lovers
Prince Jack
The Bridge
Sons of Anarchy
House M.D.
CSI: Miami
Boston Legal
U2 3D
Girls Club
T2 3-D: Battle Across Time
Weird Science
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
Tour of Duty
TV 101
Code Name: Foxfire
Flight 90: Disaster on the Potomac
The Executioner’s Song



Send me your name and email address. I will respond within 24 hours. – Paul


More music…


1. You Kept Insisting

You kept insisting
I was a dog
absent paws and fur
I went along
One day I awoke
you said, “say moo!”
But all I expressed
Was white man blues
So, bark, baby baby
Moo, darlin’ watchout
Meow, mama, mama
Now I’m a snake of love
You kept insisting
That I could trot
A bit in my mouth
You said, “looks hot”
Enrolled me in shows
Saddled and groomed
Took home some trophies
Then your boredom resumed
You insisted I conform
To your world conceived and born
Filled with should’s and don’t’s
That pushed me out the door
Yasaid, I need for you to be
The one to complete me
Please don’t make me get upset
If you love me be my pet
One morning in June
I stared confused
Standing in litter
As you enthused
“Nice kitty, kitty
go in the box!”
I did then my world
turned into rocks
That terrarium
turned out to be
The chance to fine-ly
shed skin and be
A cold blooded male
A state of me
Too long neglected
And now set free
You kept insisting
You kept insisting
You kept insisting
You kept insisting

2. I’m Your Man

Woke up this morning
Had words with the man
Gave thanks for the sweet love
You and I have
I told him, in our love
I get crazy with pain
When I think about losing you
Drives me insane
He said I have to let go
Feelin’ weaker than
Surrender to the truth
‘Bout who I am
He said we were destined
And who was I to question
He said look into her eyes
Hear your heart’s confession
And now in this moment
Inside you lost in time
As you give yourself to me
I see in your eyes
I’m your man
Gonna tell it from the rooftops
I’m your man
It’s all I need to know
‘Bout who I am
Now when another man looks at you
As though he had a chance
Of taking you, replacing me
I look at the fact
That in this moment
I see who I am
Each cell in my body says
I’m Your man
Gonna own it mama
I’m your man
Tell the world about it
I’m your man
It’s all I need to know

3. I Love You Ridiculous

I love you ridiculous.
I love you in truth.
I love you on
Valentine’s Day.
When I’m sleepy or blue.
When I’m happy or anxious,
irreverent or smart.
I love you ridiculous.
You open my heart
It’s clear to me now
I have seen the light.
Your loving me means.
I did something right
I love you ridiculous,
When we’re naked and laugh.
When we lose things together.
Or leave on the gas.
When we talk and cry love tears.
Stick our toes in the mud.
Get frightened and hide out.
From old feelings that suck
It’s clear to me now
I have seen the light
You’re loving me means
I did something right
Yes, crazy ridiculous.
And beautiful too.
And life giving, sacred,
Amazing – that’s You
Stay with me always,
Magnificent us.
In love that’s so good,
It’s ridiculous

4. A Naked Man With A Dustbuster

Oh Angeline, am I dreaming?
Or is this what my mental state fashioned?
Kiss me just once
Love the whack job that’s me
While I tell you this morning what happened.
A naked man with a dust buster
and an attitude to boot
dropped dead on my porch
just before dawn
as I was dreaming ’bout you
before he passed he murmured
a message I’ll never forget
he said, “Don’t ever let
your thoughts get the best
of your short time on earth unless
you want your life to consist of
a series of encounters with lists of
heartless attorneys, convicts and prom queens
and catered lunch with every loser you’ve met.”
Angeline, his words freed me
and tweaked the view flowing into my head
Angie, let’s take the time
Look into each other’s eyes
prove that no one’s being misled
And then our life can consist of
one moment, this now, and the bliss of
two hearts entwined
suspended in time
As the naked man vacuums inside
A naked man with a dustbuster
and the attitude to boot
dropped dead on my porch just before dawn
as I was dreaming ’bout you
before he passed he murmured
a message I’ll never forget
he said, “Don’t ever let your thoughts get the best
of your short time on earth instead
lead with your heart and remember
all that you are will be measured
by the love that you give
by the love that you live
busting dust that drops from your head.”

5. Hot Volcanic Mama

You blows my skirt up
And I’m a dude who feels heat whenever you’re near
Your jungle love explosions
I never fear
Of wanting, needing, having, holding love
Love is you,
My hot volcanic mama
You make me quake
Cause you hot yes yes
Make me rattle, make me roll
Take the pieces, make me whole
We’ll burn, churn, kick and turn
And dance the night away
Free my eruptions
My magma mama you give
Willies to the shakes
You hot, that’s what you do
Steam my veggies, bake my bread
Stop the cauldron in my head
It burns, churns, kicks and turns
Let’s dance the night away
Stay with me, my hot volcanic mama
Stay with me, and hold me in your flame
Stay with me, my sweet volcanic mama
Singe my fears with fire
And burn my blues away
Deep fry reluctance
Smoke it till it chokes
Make passionate love
From the embers that you stoke
We launch the stuff our love creates
Up to the skywatch stars take shape
They burn, churn, kick and turn
We dance the night away
repeat verse 1
Dance the blues away
Dance the night time blues away
Hot volcanic mama
Your love will make me stay
Dancing the night away

6. Austin Pell and The Drama Queen

She lived for the attention
in the foot light’s glare
she was chaos and pretension
and her fan base grew each year
but other actors, one by one
began to leave her scene
the tide was turning
on the Drama Queen
In the wings, a stagehand
named Austin Pell, kept faith
sixteen years, he’d loved the queen
she didn’t know his name
She was a Drama Queen connected
only to herself
His love for her was all
one day he would confess,
You’re my Queen, my love
and you’ll always be
The one for me
in my love you’d find another way to
feel, the heat
the love, the crush
the lights, the hush
you’re not a one hit wonder
Austin pulled the curtain
The Queen stepped on the stage
to the roar of boos and heckling
fans turned and walked away
her mascara ran like daggers
her heel broke and she cried
her wig, displaced, revealed some gray
Austin’s heart was broken wide
Austin Pell forgot himself
he walked onto the stage
took her in his arms and said
you’ll never be disgraced, cause You’re my
Queen, my love and you’ll
always be
The one for me
we’ll find another way to
feel, the heat
the love, the crush
the lights, the hush
you’re not a one hit wonder
Backstage makeup mirror lights
revealed a woman on her own
free of glitz and artifice
a Queen without a show
Austin’s eyes held hers, he said,
I’m casting you to be
a solo act, inside my heart
just one name on that marquee, You’re my
Queen, my love and you’ll
always be
The one for me
in my love you’ll find another way to
feel, to feel the heat
the love, the crush
the lights, the hush

7. Only Love Can

You give me reason to face each day
to keep on living
in that way
that only love can bring
that only love can bring
And so my darling, I play these chords
sing my gratitude
for being born
to feel this way
that only love can bring
Sometimes, I think where I’m going
I’ll stumble into on my own
Your love brings me right back to knowing
Where I go, I’ll never be alone
I’ll love you forever, the best that I can
because loving you
creates a man
that only love can make
only love can make
Sometimes, I think where I’m going
I’ll stumble into on my own
Your love, brings me, right back, to knowing
Where I go, I’ll never be alone
You give me reason to face each day
and keep on living
in that way that
in that way
that only love can bring
that only love can bring

8. Staggering Toward Grace

Hands tied, feet bound
Staggering toward grace
Fight, flight, doing right
No chance, it was too late.
Sleep starved, under armed
Face down on her door
Clear eyed, sanctified
She saw inside my core
A good man under rated
A good man heart deflated
The good man I tried to be
As I was drowning
In deadly self-doubting
1. She stopped to rescue me.
2. She turned and said to me.
Locked out, shut down
Still running in place.
I, my, me, and mine
Building crosses from fate
Wanna be, drama queen
Go big but on your time
Try truth if you
Need help losing your mind
Her dance, my trance
Her soul touching my soul
Lips, eyes, melting sighs
She plucked me from the cold
A woman who won’t be sated
A woman whose love created
A good man resurrected in
Tune with all and meant to be
All that’s meant to be
Hands tied, feet bound
Staggering toward grace

9. A Simple Song

It’s a simple song to sing
Doesn’t take remembering
Stop thinking; that’s the start
Then drop into your heart and
Love, just
It’s easier than war
Costs less, that’s for sure
It makes things that are healthier for men. You’re
asking how can I
Love what I despise? Stop
judging first, the doors will open then. You’ll
be the child you were in love again
Lennon, King and Gandhi, Walt
Disney, Christ and Barney
Every mother, son and daughter too are
asking you and me, to
see if we can be the
planet our grandkids will wake up to
A world where everyone says, “I love you.”
Put an end to accepting
The voices injecting
Upset and fear
That drive you insane
And originate
From between your ears
Take a breath and relax
Check out the facts
You got nothing to lose
In this final act
Living in love
Can bring us all back to the
Yes, everyone is different, but
everyone’s the same. We
all want certainty, but that can’t be
Until we each become
The me in me that loves
On the other side of fear you will see
That loving you is really loving me
It’s a simple song to sing. Doesn’t
take remembering. Stop
thinking; that’s the start. Then
drop into your heart, and

10. It’s Taken Some Time

The lies I told you came from days of pain
compounded shame conceived in blame
and it kept us apart.
It’s tragic how I wasted all those moments dear
The times I could have let you know how clear
was the love
in my heart.
I know it’s taken some time
to say I see you
it’s taken some time
to show I care
it’s taken some time
To say, ‘I love you’
I’ve turned the corner and discovered that
my love for you has always been attached to
each breath that I take.
And reunited now I promise to be always
faithful in the truth that we are graced by God and
can’t be replaced.
Having less no longer serves me; take me; hold me;
Never let me go. Together, boldly we’ll
rewrite the dream.
And sing this song, a requiem for fear,
that ends unknowing
shows us now a loving always flowing through
us, you, and me
I love you.
I see you.
And I like what I see

How Hearts and Pirates Came to Be:

In February 2012, I came close to amputating two fingers on my left hand. I had played guitar since the age of 12 and enjoyed picking it up now and then, but it was nothing serious. After my encounter with the table saw, it was clear that being able to express myself musically was off the table – for awhile at least.
And just as I was starting to feel sadness, a voice within suggested I look at this event as an opportunity. Like those singing lessons I’d been daring myself to take for so long.
Tamara Silvera is an amazing and talented voice coach, composer and singer. Working with her, I discovered a new world of emotional expression and release.
It took about 8 months for my fingers to heal enough to press against guitar strings. By then, I’d begun the degree program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica; that precipitated a huge opening of my heart and a calling forward to embrace life in new, and bold ways.
Also, I’d fallen in love.
The stage was set, and in the Fall of 2012, songs started coming through me, onto the page, out of my throat. Songs about being in love, songs about pain, ego, songs that celebrated silliness and made me laugh.
Hearts and Pirates is 10 of those songs, recorded and produced with the collaboration of amazing professionals. The title is a recognition of that mysterious, beautiful organ that connects us to the universe in the most profound ways and a photograph of myself at the age of two that was my inspiration during the project.
The songs keep coming. I’ve registered over 20 with BMI, and there are another 20 in various states of completion. The process of creating a song is deeply fulfilling. I’m so grateful to have discovered this medium. – Paul